"I am a mother.  There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my children.  
For years my daughter Melissa's battle with mental illness consumed me.  My husband and I were willing to go to any lengths to help Melissa.  But, as hard as we tried, we could never find a place where she felt safe and comfortable and received the professional help she needed to heal.  It's why I won't stop until Melissa's House is built."

Elaine Goldberg, Co-Founder, Melissa's House
Melissa’s House is a brick, Italianate structure on the east side of Columbus, Ohio.  It sits on a tree-lined street, not far from the amenities everyone needs.  But Melissa’s House is so much more than just a house.  When finished, it will offer a permanent safe-haven for adults facing mental health struggles.  Melissa's House will offer its residents and their families a safe, comforting, inviting environment where they can regain hope and reconnect with family, access high-quality treatment and begin on a path toward recovery. 

Melissa's House will narrow the gap that often separates those suffering from mental illness from their families, friends and society at large.

Melissa’s House will build hope for adults living with mental illness every day.
It's a lasting home where its residents can be themselves and know they are safe as they focus on treatment.  

Melissa's House is a place where those living with mental illness will receive the support they need and the understanding they deserve.

Melissa's House will be a base for advocacy, a source of education and provider of unbiased information.

Melissa’s House is no longer a dream, but a reality.  A void that needed to be filled.  A growing residence in a vibrant neighborhood.  A home that provides peace of mind.

Melissa's House mission is to provide a welcoming home for adults living with mental illness; its Institute will improve understanding of mental illness through education and advocacy.

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